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New Memory posted August 13, 2014

Why the Memories of Spencer page?

I asked Gary to put this page on here. There are a couple of reasons why. I know we’ve heard several stories about Spencer lately that we had no clue about. There’s something about hearing those stories that are very special to us. This may also be a sort of therapy for us. We are going through a process right now that we want to remember everything; we don’t want to lose anything. This may be a sort of therapy for many of you also, I don’t know. If you would like to send us a memory of something about Spencer that you don’t want posted on the website, please send it anyway and just let us know that it’s personal, you wanted to share it, but you would prefer it not be posted. This page can really be anything at all. If you want to write something to Spencer, you can do that too. It’s really up to you. You will probably see more posts on here by Gary, Zachary and I more than anything, it’s just our way of trying not to lose anything.